My name is Marie Young from Austin, Tx. I'm a Girl Scout, 4-Her and an accidental athlete.  

"How you respond is more important than what is said.", Marie Young

In 2016, I joined a robotics team.  I was often teased and called names because of my size.  The thought I was too weak, too small and that I didn't know how to do things.


When I said something to the mentors, I was told the names were cute.  I didn't think so.


When told that I had to carry the 110 pound robot for a position I wanted - I got to work.  I rock climbed 5 days a week and ate the right foods to build muscle.  By September 2017 I was ready to carry that robot.  But the position had been decided and I never got to prove that I could carry the robot.


I learned what friends should be like and started training 5 days a week with my ninja, rock climbing and parkour community.  They are awesome/supportive and a lot of fun.


No one will call me weak, a twig, or "cute" again -- I am my own warrior.

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